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ROS NEWS for 7/17/2020

DARPA SubT Navigation Tutorial

Amazon Sim Hospital

Hi All,

I’ve been out the last few Fridays, so here is a super massive news update from the past few weeks. If you have something cool you want to share, feel free to drop it in the comments. Enjoy!






Why not ROS2 navigation :crying_cat_face:

Shameless plug: Navigation2 has a slack ( and opportunities for anyone to get involved that’s interested; junior engineer, senior engineer, students, alike. You just need passion and time! See documentation at

(Don’t oversell the RoboBusiness lecture, I’m a much better speaker in person!)

I think we could cook something up for Nav2. I would die and go to heaven to replicate a lot of the SubT work in ROS 2 for a general audience. That said, I think the SubT tutorials are some of the most comprehensive tutorials we’ve ever written. I would love to see student competitions based on the platform.

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Hi @smac, It’s good to see so friendly approach. Just a suggestion from the point of view from someone that just started to collaborate with the community. Add the label first good issue to some issues, at least for me, that encouraged to make the first collaboration.

By the way, seeing this post I went to see for the first time the Nav2 page and documentation. Congratulation, it’s really good, clear and well done! :clap: :trophy:

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@smac I tried following the link to join the slack workspace on the nav2 “about” page -, but i received an error. How can I join the workspace?

I have added you. I haven’t been able to figure out who can join and who can’t with that link. Some people have no trouble and others do :man_shrugging:.

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@smac I also tried to follow the same link, but I believe the slack invitation link is expired and can’t be used anymore. Is there a different way that I can join the workspace?

PM me your email address

I recommend using a Slack invite auto-generator. It’s easier than dealing with generic invite links that expire.

Steve Lemke’s Autoware Lecture 11 on LGSVL Simulator with Unity 3D is out and is so massively helpful that it is in 2 parts😁