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ROS2 How To: New course on ROS2


I am pleased to announce my new course on ROS2 on Udemy entitled
ROS2 How To: Discover Next Generation ROS

To the best of my knowledge this is the first and only comprehensive course on ROS2.

The objectives of this course are as follow:

  • First, I explain the design concepts of ROS2 and how to develop projects with it.
  • Second, I aim at clarifying the differences between ROS1 and ROS2 (the code explanation will compare between the code written in ROS1 and that for ROS2 in both C++ and Python).
  • Third, the course also intends to provide a comprehensive coverage of ROS2 ecosystem, and will demonstrate how to create a ROS2 workspace, ROS2 packages for C++ and Python, and discussed in details implementation aspects of ROS2 topics, and services.

At the end of the course, you will able to:

  • Recognize the features of ROS2 (DDS, design, …)
  • Install ROS2 (Bouncy) on Ubuntu (Debian) and Mac-OS
  • Create a workspace in ROS2
  • Create ROS2 packages for C++ and Python
  • Develop ROS2 programs using topics and services in C++ and Python
  • Understand how to deal with the documentation of ROS2
  • Recognize the difference between ROS1 and ROS2

You can enroll to the course with a special discount for 48-hours using this link

The course requires to have background on ROS1. For new ROS users with no background on ROS1, they may take the other introductory course on ROS1