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ROS2 Moving Object Release - Initial Version 0.3.0

Hi, there,

We are happy to announce the initial release of ROS2 Moving Object package, a ROS2 version of vision-based moving object abstraction solution. Similar to ROS version, ros2_moving_object package filters and merges topics from ROS2 object analytics package and Movidius NCS package, and provides motion information for localized and tracked objects, i.e., the velocity information about tracked objects. Such information can extend robot’s ability of motion planning and collision avoidance.

You can visit the wiki page to understand the data pipeline/flow between the corresponding packages.

Comparing with ROS version of moving object package, ROS2 Moving Object package has some known issues by now pending for further development:

  1. Yaml based configuration file is not fully supported because ROS2 dynamic configuration feature is not ready yet.
  2. TF transform is not enabled for velocity calculation, which may introduce bias in velocity info because ROS2 TF is not fully supported yet.
  3. Sample case CA Policy (see description here) is removed from this package, since navigation stack, a runtime dependency has no ROS2 version yet.

Please see more from package Readme. You are welcomed to feedback and contribute.

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