ROSCon 2023 sponsors, talks, and more!

ROSCon 2023

Hi everyone, a quick update on ROSCon 2023 in New Orleans. I just posted an update to the website that includes our first batch of ROSCon sponsors and a link to reserve your ROSCon hotel room. Additionally, I closed the application form for the 2023 Diversity Scholars program. In the next few weeks we plan to announce our 2023 workshop schedule and open up registration. Most importantly, there is little less than month remaining to submit your ROSCon 2023 talk proposals, they are due 2023-07-09T07:00:00Z.


The generous support of our sponsors makes ROSCon possible; and I am happy to announce that we have closed our first batch of sponsorships for ROSCon. We had an overwhelming demonstration of support from the community for ROSCon New Orleans. If your organization is interested in sponsoring ROSCon there are still some sponsorship options available. You can find all the details in the ROSCon 2023 prospectus, or by simply e-mailing us at

I also want to call attention to our 2023 ROSCon Startup Alley! This year we’ve set aside some discounted booth space for new and emerging companies in the ROS community! We’re also still looking for ROSCon Diversity Scholarship sponsors. We had over one hundred applications for the ROSCon Diversity Scholarship and we need more sponsors to step up to bring under-represented individuals to ROSCon this year. Full details regarding Startup Alley and our Diversity Scholarships are available in our 2023 ROSCon sponsorship prospectus.

:tada: Now, without further ado, here are your ROSCon 2023 sponsors:

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors


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