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RRT Kinodynamic algorithm

Hello folks,

I worked on this interesting RRT kinodynamic algorithm during my internship. I would like to share it. The link for the repository is given below.


Always good to see people working on new planners for ROS! But I had a question: where’s the kinodynamic planner? I took a look at your repo and I don’t see anywhere where it computes or constrains itself to robot dynamics / kinematics.

Hey Steve,
Thanks for your appreciation. Actually, the planner file is missing from the repository. I will be adding it soon. Meanwhile, please have a look at this video of my algorithm in action.

Suggestions are always welcome.

Are you computing velocities at each point in the path or following kinematic constraints on the robot platform?

The video doesn’t appear to also do either of those, required for kino-dynamic planning. You may be able to create a RRT planner that is kinodynamic, but an RRT planner is not necessarily a kinodynamic planner without the correct sampling space and computations.