Running ROS1/2 with Visualizations hassle free!(Apple M1/Intel/Nvidia)

This projects stems out of my own frustration with getting ROS1/2 to work with visualization support on my Macbook Pro M1 and other machines. I hope this helps you get started with ROS development on your own machine.
This is a Docker-based project for running ROS1/2, including support for visualizations and optional hardware acceleration. Compatibility extends to Focal, Jammy, Mac (Intel and M1), along with support for ROS2 Humble and Noetic. Works with Ubuntu Focal (20.04), Jammy (22.04) and Macs both Intel and M1. Currently has support for ROS2 Humble (master branch) and ROS1 Noetic (noetic branch) Can visualize RViz, Gazebo, Intel RealSense Viewer, and other GUIs via VNC or X11 hardware acceleration Supports both Nvidia and Intel Integrated Graphics.

If you find it useful, and would like to contribute, please feel free to drop an issue or a PR. All contributions are highly appreciated :smiley:

Btw, here’s a video of ROS Humble + Rviz2 working on M1 Pro. I have also been able to run Gazebo flawlessly (not a part of the video however).


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