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Rviz_satellite maintenance

Hi there,

for the past years we maintained the rviz_satellite RViz plugin. Due to internal project shifts, we will not have resources to continue this work.Hence we’re looking for active maintainers, or a handover to the ROS Orphaned Package Maintainer Group.
However, the package was never distributed via rosdistro, but since there are quite some forks and interest in this plugin, we wanted to check if someone would takeover from here.

Some words about the status:

  • we took care of quite some bugs, performance issues and visual glitches, so we consider this rather well maintained (at least for our use-cases and the feedback we got from other projects)
  • hence, I would not expect much bug-squashing work on the ROS1 side (fingers crossed)
  • code quality is … historic, as usual in ROS; but we did invest quite some time for cleanup and refactoring
  • there is a initial port for ROS2 (Dashing): Create branch for ROS2 port · Issue #69 · gareth-cross/rviz_satellite · GitHub
  • imho, the logical next steps would be
    • distribute via debian package and rosdistro [minor effort]
    • add CI/CD hooks [minor effort]
    • ROS2 port [medium effort?]

Lastly, the original maintainer would like to move the code from his Github space. Is there a ROS Github space for those orphaned packages?



Case closed, Nobleo takes over, the new home is at GitHub - nobleo/rviz_satellite: Display internet satellite imagery in RViz.

Fyi, Github will forward the old repo URL to the new one, but you’re encouraged to update it in your projects.