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RVIZ SIM nights for newbies in ROS

Hello everyone … In about 50 minutes we kicked off with the meeting of SIM nights for newbies in ROS and everything. This is the link In today’s meeting we are going to work on rviz and arduino … Greetings …


Did I miss an announcement? If you give me a heads up I am more than happy to promote events like these. Unfortunately I can’t tweet out hangout links directly as it leads to “Zoom Bombing” but generally an announcement usually works fine.

@Katherine_Scott sorry, I did not know how the “promotion of events” worked. This is a very simple gathering of people who are trying to learn ROS at a very basic level and we try to implement that knowledge using rviz and I’m nothing but a newbie trying to get better. Many times I am alone but yesterday there were three of us … It’s like setting one day of the week to exercise but with robots … We are working on Thursdays in this time slot but we can change it if someone is interested and it becomes difficult for them.

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