October 2023 Meetings Aerial Robotics

October has started, the leaves started to fall (in some places in the world) and it feels colder already. So it’s time to get all cosy inside and have another Aerial ROS meeting!

Meeting link meet.google.com/snn-qapb-obz
Also see the community calendar

This time it will be a Discussion/Developer meeting about Aerial Robotics Simulation. We will be discussing about the current state and the challenges still facing.

I’ve started a discourse discussion already with a list of options starting so far, of which it would be great to get your input already so we can discuss those live during the meeting. Hope to see you are there!

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Also, we also thought it is better to cancel the meeting on Wednesday 25th of October as I won’t be able to make it and it will be right after ROScon (so we will all need some breathing time :wink: ).

We now got a recording from our simulation meeting. It was a great discussion so thanks anybody that contributed!

snn-qapb-obz (2023-10-11 16_05 GMT+2).pdf (43.5 KB)
snn-qapb-obz (2023-10-11 16_05 GMT+2) - Transcript.pdf (172.4 KB)
Aerial Robotics WG Meeting October 2023 - Meeting #1.pdf (220.2 KB)

Next meeting will be cancelled so the next will be the 8th of November. @mrpollo will talk about PX4! I’ll start a new thread about that a week before the meeting.

Just a reminder for all, todays meeting is canceled. I’ll start a new thread for the November sessions :slight_smile: