SMACC Kicks Off Summertime Dance Party at the AWS Warehouse

SMACC2 sm_dance_bot_warehouse

And here is a link just in case the link embedded in the image above doesn’t work.

Source code for this example can be found here

I’m hoping this can become a community thing this summer. Rules go like this…
Don’t tell me, show me. Video and Source Code.



Very happy to see demos with industrial relevance!
Is there a specific reason for choosing the AWS Warehouse?
Is this the beginning of something bigger?

Speaking of bigger: would the same state machine work if we were to scale up this warehouse to be 2x? I imagine you’d need to add a few more states perhaps to handle the extra rows but anything beyond that?

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The main reason behind the selection of the simulation environment was that we felt it would be the most accessible. @smac had produced some simulations using the AWS warehouse environment last year that also contained links to source code. So I think the credit there belongs to Steve.