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Trigger is in std_srvs, not std_msgs.

Topic name really only means something to humans and iscan be very ambiguous.

A compiler or a tool assisting composition of ROS applications cannot determine whether the std_msgs/Float32 from the topic /coffee_temperature is semantically compatible with the topic /gas_throttle which also accepts std_msgs/Float32 messages.

To a human, using the temperature of a cup of coffee to control the gas throttle of a car would not make much sense. To a machine, this would need several layers of AI which do not exist at this time, so a check for compatible topic types would be much easier to implement and actually feasible.

That’s what this is about.

But even for humans it would be better to look at a topic and seeing it carry GasThrottleSetpoint messages than plain Float32s.

Yes, I should stop replying here, it’s off-topic.

True, it wasn’t mentioned in the release announcement post and it probably should have been.

Ok, I understand. I believe the answer to that scenario is having the ability to perform custom transformations. However still not implemented, they are also on the roadmap and will allow users to specifically specify how certain types are translated from one world to another.

Will an announcement be posted?

It would seem strange if a “random” member of the community would do this.