Survey on robot software integration process

Integration of components is one of the most important challenges in robotics software engineering, yet there is little specific research on this topic. The purposes of the survey we are driving are, on one hand, to understand the process followed to integrate systems in robotics and, on the other hand, to identify ways to improve and standardize this process. The results of this survey may shed light on robotics-specific integration challenges and guide future research into this direction to, ultimately, facilitate robotics software integration in the future.

Filling out our questionnaire should take approximately 10 minutes and your contribution advances the understanding of the integration of robotics software.

Participation in this research is anonymous, the responses will be handled with highest confidentiality.

Link to survey:

Thank you for your participation! :slight_smile:


Will you be sharing the results of the survey?


Sure! :slight_smile: I am planning to close it in ~3 weeks, I will then write a report and share it with you all.

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