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[TB3] Toolchain Documentation

Robotis documentation is better now, but when I started out, one of the biggest difficulties I had was trying to figure out which versions of things meshed, what worked with what. I took notes describing the setup comprehensively, from scratch and am happy to share in the hope that they might save someone some time.

Here’s my environment: Turtlebot3-burger, ROS kinetic, MacOSX/VirtualBox linux, Samsung Galaxy S3 tablet, Android 24.

See: and click on the “toolchain” link. This is definitely a wotk-in-progress. Comments appreciated.

– chuck


WoW!!! Cooooooool.
I was really impressed and grateful to see your document. :star_struck:

We have been working on making TurtleBot3’s manuals for months, and are still making changes to make better documentation ( I will try to make better documentation by looking at the documents you have created, if there were any difficulties to understand, or if there are more details to explain. Your document is too good and has lots of good information.

I sincerely appreciate your participation and contribution and expect your sarah-bella project to be so good and wonderful.

Thank you very much.