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[TB3] TurtleBot3 AutoRace 2017 teaser #1


Hi, and how are you

We have big days (2017.09.13~09.16) in RobotWorld (, a most huge international robot industry show annually held in Korea, being presented by Korean government and many great companies. But here are also many competition held, and that’s called “International Robotics Challenge”, and 15 teams come from universities, workplaces, laboratories, will join with their TurtleBots and their professionalism, enthusiasm in RBIZ Challenge 2017 TurtleBot3 AutoRace.

These TurtleBots are very special: they use many kind of sensors that was not tried much in the other previous autonomous challenges, and that’s not just running with the webcam for lane tracking but should deal with the LIDAR, the untrasonic sensor, the IR sensor, the light sensor, illuminance sensors, and so on, to overpass specific situations, such as the no-light tunnel.

They were already gone through preliminaries by excellent ideas, and pursuings with TurtleBot3, which is an easy-to-customize platform, they are now rock-n-rolling in this competition by fulfilling their vision processing wise, machine learning and artificial intelligence wise, mechanical wise imaginations. Let’s see how their TurtleBots run in the next clip (this showing will happen the day after tomorrow; 17.09.15).

BTW, watch this, and let’s think about your participation on next year (maybe at ROSCon2018?) autonomous driving challenge with TurtleBot3! Do you think thats easy? of course thats easy for you, so come, and cheer with the others come from around the world! (but I guess it must be difficult to beat another team actually XD).

and if you have any ideas or want to talk about this issue, please come ROSCon 2017 Canada, ROBOTIS booth

[TB3] TurtleBot3 AutoRace 2017 teaser #2

TurtleBot3 AutoRace Map!


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