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[TB3] TurtleBot3 Auto project


I’m going to start the TurtleBot3 Auto project for Driving Automation with TurtleBot as said in the TurtleBot3 Autonomous Car topic previously.
As you have been watched previous TurtleBot3 friends videos, the shape or the construction of the TurtleBot3 Auto can be decided as you think, as you wish, as you imagine.

The video shows that the TurtleBot3 itself gets its eye by attaching a $40 Raspberry Pi Camera, and uses the open source from MIT DuckieTown engineering to tracking the lane.

Whatever from wherever the source, algorithms that you are using, it doesn’t matter. “That was just a beginning and will not be finished until the Auto City arrives”

Any suggestions, any ideas, any applicants for this project is welcomed.


Hi Leon,

This is a great functionality. Would you mind to share your code and/or instructions about how to get the same up. I have a fully functioning TB3 with the same Raspberry Pi camera installed you are using. I’m somewhat new to ROS and TB3, but getting along well with the basic functionalities, however totally new to MIT DuckieTown project, so would certainly appreciate some guidance and code drops that would put me on the fast track with this functionality.





TurtleBot3 - DuckieTown is like-a concept car. Now we are supporting who want to dig into the driving autonomy with TurtleBot3 by TurtleBot3_AutoRace package, which will become ROS kinetic package soon.

You can also download Track file and ROS-referee system for AutoRace

Those sources are based on the AutoRace challenge which was held end of last year.
We will officially announce those contents on everywhere including ROS Discourse sooner.


Thanks Leon, I went through the page, it looks to be very thorough. Going to get into setting it up right now. Appreciate the feedback, thanks!