[TB4] First Test: Operating Time, Recharge Time, "Trickle Time"

First test of my new ROS2 Galactic TurtleBot4 lite operating time, recharge time, and what happens when it does not get off the dock when battery reaches 100% charge.

Note the Create3 states it has been booted 13 times but does not record recharge cycles. This was the first discharge to 20% and recharge cycle in my home.


  • As delivered configuration - max operating time, (to <20% charge), off the dock is about 1.75 hours
    (No motion, just publishing Create3 topics, LiDAR scan topic, Oak-D-Lite color image and stereo 3D, Localization and Mapper running)

  • Draws 13W

  • RPi4 is running at 60degC (in accessory tray with tiny, tiny fan)

  • Recharge takes approximately 2 hours

  • Recharge is complete when battery_state.percentage = 1.0

  • If remains on dock after full recharge,

    • bot drains ~9 min to 95%, and
    • then recharges ~11 min to 100%

Nodes Running:
$ ros2 node list

Topic Publishers:
$ ros2 topic list

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