[TB4] Where are the TB4 owners hanging out?

I have a TurtleBot 4 Lite coming to me this week, and in interest of finding other TB4 owners searched Twitter, Mastodon, and YouTube to see what buzz might exist about my new bot.

Very little beyond learning that “the first build consisted of 50 bots” and the official release for sales was five months ago. When I bought mine, the RobotShop in Canada was listing 4 in-stock, and it seemed like Generation Robots in France may have received some of the first batch released for sale.

Around the time of the Create3 release to sales, I saw a two posts of beta testers on Twitter showing what appeared to be TurtleBot 4 Lite.

Is there a way to know how many TurtleBot 4 robots exist “in the wild”?

(And is it here or ros.answers.org or robotics.stackexchange.com with TurtleBot4 tag that I should expect to find answers from TB4 owners?)

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Are there no other TurtleBot4 owners reading this forum?

Am I the only TurtleBot4 owner wanting a “TurtleBot4 Owner/User Gathering Place”?

The Create3 robot folks have a discussion forum. The GoPiGo3 robot folks have a discussion forum.

Where can TurtleBot4 owners record their TurtleBot4 specific successes and discuss their challenges?