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Tooling WG Breakout Session - Rosbag2 Performance

Planning for a time in the week of July 7 to have this 1hr breakout session.

Adam Dabrowski will be presenting the rest of his findings on rosbag2 performance, with discussion to follow. This topic is a little too big to fit into our regularly scheduled WG meeting!

Use this poll to choose times, I’ll finalize the time by July 2, obviously prioritizing Adam’s availability :slight_smile:


@emersonknapp did you manage to select the timeslot for this breakout session?

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It will be a very short notice for me atm and it is hard to keep all the slots open. I will do my best, but I need the info asap.

Yes, the session will be 2020-07-10T16:00:00Z! I’ll be adding it to the ROS calendar momentarily.

Edit: It’s added - see you there!

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Also - if that is too hard @adamdbrw we can reschedule. Sorry about the delay, the holiday weekend here threw me off

I can make it. How many people will participate?

Sorry, I’m not entirely sure! I only got a few responses on the doodle, but I imagine others will join us. It’s our first time trying a breakout session like this. Thanks for bearing with me as we experiment, we’re learning along the way how to do this.

Thanks everyone who attended! I think this was a successful topic-specific breakout session of the working group. Adam’s findings were very informative and it seems that we have some good action items set up to move forward on improving the rosbag2 performance.

For those who could not attend, the recording of the meeting is here:

As always, the running notes of the WG are here



thanks for the effort! your presentation sheet is available in public?

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Yes, it is linked to the meta-ticket

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