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Tooling WG upcoming breakouts!

Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know about the next 2 breakout sessions for the Tooling WG

On 2020-11-13T17:00:00Z I will be talking through the structure and workflow of the GitHub CI Actions that the tooling WG owns (setup-ros, setup-ros-docker, action-ros-ci) - to help others contribute or debug problems, who don’t know where to start.

The following week, @tomoyafujita will be talking to us about a LevelDB storage plugin for rosbag2 - we will have an open discussion about its future (from: Tooling Proposal rosbag2 leveldb plugin) This will be held at 2300 UTC to accomodate Asia timezones better. If you’re interested in attending please select your favorite choices below so that we can schedule it!

LevelDB Breakout meeting day (2300 UTC)
  • 2020-11-17T23:00:00Z
  • 2020-11-18T23:00:00Z
  • 2020-11-19T23:00:00Z
  • 2020-11-20T23:00:00Z

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Ok @tomoyafujita I’ve scheduled It for tomorrow 2020-11-18T23:00:00Z at - it is also on the ROS Events calendar. Let me know if this still works for you!

Is there a recording of these breakout sessions available somewhere ?

Same question. This slipped my radar, and I’d like to hear what was discussed.

Yes, I try to upload all recording of the working group to - I may have missed a few here and there but most meetings are recorded and uploaded.

As for the one last Friday, I actually messed up and it didn’t happen! I am planning to meet with @karsten at some point soon to walk through the Github Actions, but we haven’t finalized the time yet.

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Ok. BTW, I added a Future Work section, touching on missing GitHub Actions features, in the write up referenced here that could be relevant to this breakout discussion:

I agree that I have a hard time communicating working group news - discourse may not be the best platform for it because notifications can be hard to filter, so I for instance do not have email updates enabled from discourse. Perhaps should we start a mailing list for the Tooling WG?

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appreciate for organizing this :+1: Sorry, it just turned out that i cannot make it tomorrow. (i did vote this, but sorry my bad I should’ve told you.) How about we talk about leveldb in this week Tooling WG if I could have time like 10mins? It is not friendly for Asia Pacific Time, but I will be there. I am expecting 10mins should be okay to share the result and current status.

totally agree, with this time difference, maybe discourse is not a good way to communicate. I think that we could use slack or something else more live communication.

Whoa there, slow down. I still think discourse is still the best place to post announcements, schedules and asynchronous discussions. For most intensive purposes, discourse is effectively a mailing list already, and I don’t have enough bandwidth to follow/filter more chat platforms or mail groups.

It’s possible to subscribe to labels, or tags, such as what we use when to know them working group hosts, via wg-foo.

I think we just need to simply remind folks to tap the bell notification for the particular working group tags they like to participate in, so they can get prioritized email notifications. many folks might not be aware about the options that discourse already has. I know I wasn’t before this.

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No problem - I have cancelled the calendar invite. My apologies for the slow scheduling, I was on vacation this weekend and I dropped a few things because of it.

I think it’s a good time for the WG meeting, and we should be able to spend 10-30 minutes discussing it. We can also try and figure out a better way to schedule Asia-friendly time meetings

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Thanks for this extra info, I will try that out! Maybe I can make the email notifications more usable for myself with some care.

Thanks, i will try that out.

off topic, but quick question.

The point that i do not really like discourse is that there is a time window like 15-20mins between the time leaving the message on discourse and the time we receive the notification via email. Does anyone happen to have the same problem or solution?

I think it’s a good time for the WG meeting, and we should be able to spend 10-30 minutes discussing it.


okay i will be there, thanks for the support :smile:

I am also seeing this delay. In this case I think it is ok because most of these conversations are meant to be asynchronous. I will continue doing scheduling announcements through Discourse - and we can bring up “subscribe to tag” notifications in the meeting to make sure everyone knows how to subscribe to that.

I did create a Matrix channel for the working group but so far it has not been used. I would be happy to have a chat platform for conversations that are not best handled on discourse, please feel free to join if you want to use this, or we can discuss other live chat platforms at the WG meeting. I chose Matrix because the Security WG uses it, and we have tried to share processes across these working groups as much as possible (such as the YouTube channel and charter template)

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May want to make that contact info publicly discoverable via the working group governance doc:

  • Meetings should be posted to the google calendar as well as announced on Discourse.

thanks for pointing that out. Now i see that is the current policy.

This delay is not necessarily inherent to Discourse, it’s just how ROS Discourse has been configured.

I believe @Katherine_Scott’s changed the settings a couple months ago, but the delay has always been there so as to avoid too much spam (and I believe also to give authors some time to correct minor mistakes before notifications are sent out).

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i cannot login since the above error…