Translation of ROS Industrial training

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I want to translate the ROS Industrial Training material in French. See other discussions on the topic :

I am planning to use Weblate (free for open source) in combination with sphinx and gettext. Here are the requirements to get free support for a libre project :

  • Translated content has to be released under a license approved by OSI or recognized as libre by FSF.
  • All the source code has to be publicly available in a supported version control system.
  • Translations have to be in the same repository as the source code, or under the same project/organization as the source code repository.
  • Using Weblate has been approved by the upstream project.
  • Mention you use Weblate for translations in the README. It’ll attract new translators and also help Weblate to be free for more projects.
  • The project has had active development for at least three months.

So to be able to start this initiative, I would need approval from the ROS-Industrial community on the above points. @ipa-hsd @ipa-led @ipa-nhg @ROS-I_Consortium @Levi-Armstrong what’s you opinion on the topic ?

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Thanks for the note… adding @JeremyZoss as he may have a bit more insight and specific guidance on this front. We look forward to supporting and think this is a great idea!