Ubuntu20.04 ISO image with ros2 and torturial

hello roser

We are from the 创客智造ROS community, and we have released two integrated images:

A ubuntu20.04 ISO image that integrates ROS2 with cubic, details

A ubuntu20.04 ISO image of systemback integrated ros2 tutorial,details

All Based on ros2 galactic

Hope this is helpful for friends who are learning ros2

Galactic has only 8 days left on the clock

Yes, for learning, I think this version is also a suitable start. At present, we also integrate ROS2 related learning examples, which are basically suitable for later versions.

We will also migrate to the humble version in the future.

At present, the custom image based on cubic is not well supported by the humble version of ros2 and the backup software based on systemback is not well compatible with ubuntu22.04

I haven’t tested other effective ways to make ISO images yet