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VRX Simulation Platform 1.4 and the VRX Competition 2022

VRX Simulation Platform Release 1.4 and VRX Competition 2022

We recently announced the release of version 1.4 of the VRX simulation platform in the Maritime Robotics section. We’d like to highlight a few notes that may be of interest to the general community:

  • The VRX simulation platform is a virtual environment built in Gazebo, designed for accelerating development of unmanned surface vehicles.
  • VRX also serves as the “venue” for the VRX 2022 Competition, a virtual competition closely coordinated with RobotX 2022.
  • VRX 2022 is open to any student team affiliated with an educational institution.
  • Your questions or comments are very welcome.

For further details, please see the full post under Maritime Robotics.


The VRX Technical Team: Brian, Carlos, Carson and Michael


Thanks so much for organizing it guys.

I’ve been unable to find the allowed team size for this competition, I apologize if it’s written in rules but I couldn’t find it.

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Is it necessary to have a faculty in the team since its mentioned atleast one faculty from the institution

I have the same doubt.

See the 2022 Introduction Document where we detail the eligibility information (section 5.1).

"VRX is open to any student team affiliated with an educational institution. Each team must have at least
one student and a faculty advisor that is a full-time employee of the same institution. Alternatively,
multiple educational institutions may join together to form a single team, comprised of students and one
advisor from each institution. Participants (including advisors) may be members of only one team.

Exceptions to the above requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis."

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I read that as well, the problem is that it does not says the maximum number of participants in a team. Can I have a team with 100 students and one faculty advisor? That was an exageration, but the thing is that I didn’t find this info and I dunno if we split the people at the university in small teams or if we make a huge team.

No restrictions on that topic, go big if you really want :slight_smile:

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