What is your favorite ROS artwork?

Personally, I think almost all the ROS posters are very neat, I tried to find the artist but I couldn’t. Does anyone know who the talented artist behind the posters is?

My favorites are Melodic and Crystal. What are yours? I love the artstyle! I also miss the Tuturtle pic in the ROS 2 list of distributions like ROS 1 does.


Josh Ellingson is the artist behind most of the ROS art. Josh has been very busy with his installation projects lately so we’re adding a second artist for the next ROS release. Ryan Hungerford took over as our artist last year and his artwork will be featured again for Jazzy Jalisco (he did the designs for Gazebo Harmonic, ROSCon 2024, and the OSRA logo).


Be sure to check out GitHub - ros-infrastructure/artwork: Artwork and Logos for ROS. Posters and stretched canvas prints are available at: https://www.zazzle.com/OpenRobotics

I enjoy the distinct looks for all the turtles, especially when you put them all side by side.



Hard to pick just one, but Galactic and C turtle are my favorites! :smiley:

While I like all of them, I will always have a soft spot for Diamondback, the first distro I used “seriously”, and Eloquent, which I got to be ROS Boss for.

My favorite ROS artwork is the artwork I make myself. :imp:


Bouncy and Foxy are my favorites. They look like the most fun turtles to hang out with.

My favorites are Galactic (turtle in a spaceship!) and Melodic, which I was the ROS Boss for.

For me, it’s Melodic - the turtle jazz trio is hard to top.
A close second is Foxy, since that’s the distro I used back when I started my first job. Come to think of it, getting paid to look at turtles is quite nice !


Kinetic here. But we always remember our spaces.

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Mine are groovy :peace_symbol: and iron :iron: