Woeden: making data collection easier

I built this tool to make it easier to record, offload, and manage ROS 2 bags from a fleet of robots that you can share with teammates. :smiley:

Anyone can sign up. I’d be very appreciative of any feedback the community can provide! Drop a line at alec@woeden.com if you want to talk more about it. :pen:

You can set up automatic recordings based on events for specific topics at regulated frequencies, and you can even include the moments leading up to the recording through a configurable rolling buffer.

For any data that’s recorded, you can get an overview of the contents (i.e. size, topics recorded, and a gif of imagery) before you decide to upload it. You can also run jobs on the data out of the box.

Additionally, you can monitor the state of your robots and open a gateway to stream its contents to Foxglove at the press of a button.