A New Quadruped Robot Sim&Real Project @ TopHill Robotics

This project provides an architecture and key algorithms to control quadruped robots, including state estimator, gait generator, stance and swing leg controllers. This project supports three control modes

  1. velocity mode allows a user to control the robot’s linear and angular velocity.
  2. position mode generates user-defined gaits using gait configurations.
  3. hybrid mode uses position and torque to implement flexible locomotion.

The project now supports Unitree A1 robot and DeepRobotics Lite2A robot, and can be extended to support other quadruped robots such as Unitree AlienGO/GO1, DeepRobotics Jueying/X20 and Anymal. For more information about this project, please visit the project site at Github GitHub - TopHillRobotics/quadruped-robot