A new ROS 2 based open-source educational robot!

Hi everyone!

Are you looking for open source robots that you can build and customize on your own?

Our Cloudy Mini-AGV robots are fully open source (open hardware and software), ROS 2 native and designed to be produced with 3D printers to support ROS learning and education.

Our robots also integrates seamlessly with our cloud robotics platform to enhance Cloudy Mini-AGV’s capabilities to new heights. With this integration, dev&sim over cloud, remote software deployments, AI offloading to cloud for GPU heavy applications, robot management (task assignment, tele-operation) and continuous monitoring with functional interfaces can be achieved.

Whether you’re interested in learning about robotics or experimenting with your own designs, our Cloudy Mini-AGV robots are perfect for you!

How you can get started?

  • Make yourself: You can build your own Cloudy Mini-AGV by following hardware (MK II and MK III) and software set up and purchasing electronic parts from local stores (we used parts available all over the world).

  • Purchase it: You can also purchase them directly from our store (store.robolaunch.io)!

What sets our robots apart is their fully open source design, which means you can modify and customize them to your heart’s content. Plus, you can create limitless applications with it (delivery, logistics, disinfection, manipulation, security patrol, …) Get all the details about Cloudy Mini-AGV in the Cloudy Mini-AGV Specifications Sheet.pdf (4.8 MB)

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the world of robotics and STEM education with our Cloudy Mini-AGV robots.

To learn more about our open source robots, check out below links and we can’t wait to see what you’ll create with our Cloudy Mini-AGV robots!

Website: https://robolaunch.io/
Store: https://store.robolaunch.io/
ROS and uROS Software: GitHub - robolaunch/cloudy: robolaunch Cloudy Mini-AGV ROS 2 workspace
MKII 3D models: GitHub - robolaunch/Cloudy-MKII-STL-models: 3D models of Cloudy Mini-AGV MKII robot
MKIII 3D models: GitHub - robolaunch/Cloudy-MKIII-STL-models: 3D models of Cloudy Mini-AGV MKIII robot
Documentation: Cloudy | robolaunch