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About make noodles arm


Do someone know how to develop make noodles arm by ROS ? similar below link


Wow, that’s a blast from the past!

Much of what you are asking is on the hardware development side: the manipulators, the correct end effectors for the tasks they need to do, the surrounding automation systems. This is not the right place to ask about such generic hardware stuff. I recommend trying the robotics stack exchange.

For the software side, you will need to use a range ROS packages, such as MoveIt! to control the manipulators and relevant packages for getting sensor data, as well as potentially making your own nodes to control custom hardware like the end effectors. For that, you need to start by doing some background research of your own to learn how manipulators are used in ROS, how sensor data is used, and so on. There are plenty of tutorials on the ROS wiki that can give you a start.

Once you have some questions about specific things you need to do using ROS (not something general like this question), then you can ask them at

OK, I am going to robotics stack exchange ask this question, thanks!

Note that it’s currently unfortunately impossible – to my knowledge – to get this sort of motion performance out of Fanuc robots when controlled ‘from ROS’ without generating paths off-line and uploading them wholesale to the controller for execution (or: parameterising hard-coded trajectories). Real on-line (ie: feedback) external control of Fanucs is not really possible.

This might change in the future, but I just wanted to clarify the current situation.