About Robolaunch - Kubernetes-Native Cloud Robotics Platform

Hi Everyone,

As Robolaunch Team, we would like to introduce you our Open-Source Cloud Robotics Platform. At Robolaunch, we focus on solving the challenges and complexities of building, simulating and making things into a real robot.

Therefore, we have developed two main products: Cloud Robotics Platform (ground-plane for robots) and Robot Operator to streamline the lifecycle of single/multi robots.We can say that we successfully integrated ROS and Kubernetes together.

Now, Robolaunch is able to manage Robots’ Design, Development, Simulation/Training, Integration and Production Orchestration processes from scratch! You don’t need to install any software on your PC or Workstation and it is totally cloud-based solution. Just you need browser.

You can find basic features below.

  • Cloud-Native Robotics Architecture(RaaS/PaaS/RaaS)
  • Declaretive Robotics Information Model for Fleets/Robots(Helm/Yaml)
  • Git Based Clonable Robot Template(No New Docker Image Required)
  • Self-Service Robotics Development Suite (CloudIDE)
  • Hardware in the Loop Robot Development (via K8S on Physical Robots)
  • Hardware/AI Accelerated Cloud Simulations (Gazebo, MuJoCo, PyBullet)
  • Collaborative Cloud Desktop Sharing (Virtual Desktops)
  • Multi-Container Robot Node Decomposition and Modularity (ROS Node Level)
  • Robot-Robot and Teleoperation DDS Router Orchestrator (Multi or Single Site)
  • Kubernetes-Native Robot Lifecycle Management (Robot Operator)
  • Platform Level Robot FCAPS Middleware (ELK and Prometheus)
  • Robot Node and DDS Native Closed Loops and Automation (Healthcheck Probes)
  • Real-time DDS Traffic Debug and Trace over TSDBs
  • Secured, Hardened and Isolated Cloud Resources (K8S CSI/CRI/CNI)

This is the first time we’re posting here, but we’ll keep you updated on demos here, and we’d like to improve Robolaunch features to engage you more and meet your usage needs.

Please review our presentation and feel free to comment here. We will be happy to explain every detail.

Our Website

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