Suggestions for Ready Robots that will be supported on Robolaunch Platform

Hi all,

We’ve introduced our Open-Source Cloud Robotics Platform, Robolaunch earlier here in ROS Discourse. Briefly, Robolaunch is a Cloud Robotics Platform that provides the end-to-end infrastructure, software stack and tools for developing&simulating, deploying and operating ROS/2 robots at scale.

Currently, we’re working to make our first release, which is very soon. Also, we’re thinking continuously about expanding the scope of our platform. In this manner, one of our aim is supporting more predefined robots on the platform. That’s why we wanted to engage with you to find out what other predefined robots you would like supported on the platform. For now, following robots are supported👇

:arrow_right: Dolly
:arrow_right: Linorobot
:arrow_right: Turtlebot
:arrow_right: Panda
:arrow_right: Kuka
:arrow_right: Husky
:arrow_right: ROSBOT

We’d greatly appreciate it if you can share your favourite open source robots that you would like to see in Robolaunch platform. Thanks in advance for your contribution🙏


Maybe JetBot and Nanosaur?


Great idea @ljaniec. Thanks for your suggestion.

Curious to why Universal Robots is not on the list. May I ask you to speak to what you’re thoughts are on that? Lack of ROS/2 integration, not Open Source? Lack of documentation? Focus on AMR, mobile?
Fully understand if the answer is simply preliminary limitations on time and resources, but if there are other aspects that make it less attractive to have on the list, I would be very interested in understanding why.

Hi @jakobbak,

As also mentioned in the post, we’re about to make the first release and these robots are the robot templates that we can support in the fastest way with current preparation. However, we’re also aware that this robot marketplace list should be expanded. That’s why we wanted to ask the community about their suggestions to support these robots in future releases.

Hope this answer would be helpful.


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Hi @Ozgecan_Sari
Much appreciated. Will keep an eye on this thread and your website for news. Would definitely be interested in understanding your offerings and capabilities for Universal Robots once they are on the roadmap

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Hi again @jakobbak,

First of all, thank you for your interest for news and updates.

After your suggestion, we’ve started working to support Universal Robots’ robotic manipulators. ur3 , ur3e , ur5 , ur5e , ur10 , ur10e , and ur16e robots are now supported on the platform. For all these robots, it is possible to achieve software development through Cloud IDE, observability via RViz and deployment operations from robolaunch Cloud Robotics Platform.

We’d be happy to inform about more updates here.


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That is wonderful news. Will definitely look closer at this :pray:

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It’s a nice idea, but I prefer to be charged by a period and not by usage (e.g. TheConstructsim). For example, it does not make sense to me when I use the platform for 8 hours/day and get charged like having a one year subscription. Maybe you should consider this and provide additional solutions. Charging like AWS is not really a suitable solution for everyone.

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Thank you for the suggestion @robo_mike . We will definitely consider this and try to come up with an additional offer.

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