Announcing Ciare

I am thrilled to announce early access to Ciare( - a powerful set of simulation tools designed to streamline robotics development.

Ciare was born out of the realization that the field of robotics is quite different from traditional software development, and that simulation in the loop testing is essential to ensure that new software won’t break the behavior of already deployed robots in selected domains. While software-defined robotics and RaaS are relatively young areas, there are few defined solutions for companies to quickly test their software.

After speaking to many companies in the field, it became apparent that many are experiencing the same issues. Ciare is being designed to address at least some of the questions that arise in the field, such as which parts of the robot’s software to test, how to test them, which tests are redundant, and how to spend less time on debugging the results of tests.

Ciare’s efficient requirements management allows you to connect your requirements directly to test cases for quick coverage evaluations, while its easy-to-use infographics provide a clear overview of test execution results. With tailored simulation runners, developers can save time and frustration during debugging, and with selected watchdogs, you can monitor any custom robot performance metrics.

Ciare is a powerful set of libraries that can connect to both C++ and Python code, making it easy for developers to monitor and debug tests on both real and simulated robots. With support for multiple simulators, including popular options like Gazebo, Ciare makes it easier to debug failed tests, and its automatic test log reporting saves all the data you need for future reference. It offers native integration with a wide variety of third-party tools such as Jira, YouTrack, and many others, making it easy to incorporate into your current workflow.

Please note that Ciare is still in very early-stages of the development and most of the features are work in progress. We are seeking feedback from companies and individuals in the robotics industry to help shape the platform’s development. If you’re interested in learning more about Ciare and how it can help your business, I would be happy to connect with you over coffee and discuss your needs.


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