Announcing ROSbloX: Modules to discover ROS

Hi ROS community,

We are excited to announce the availability of the ROSbloX project, a collection of modules to explore the functionality of various sensors, actuators and algorithms and to discover the capabilities of ROS with minimal prior knowledge.

Getting started with ROS can be complex, especially for developers with backgrounds other than software engineering. ROSbloX are modules to simplify the learning process of ROS. Each ROSbloX implements one sensor, actuator or algorithm. You can connect to a ROSbloX from your computer in a browser via the ROSbloX’s built-in web interface, using a Python library or native ROS 2 connections.

The list of available ROSbloX is continuously expanded. Contact us to propose novel ROSbloX and how to obtain existing ones. We hope you find this project useful and interesting. Your feedback, questions, and suggestions either in this thread or in the ROSbloX’s Github Discussions are most welcome.

Thank you for your attention and support.

The ROSbloX team


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