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Out of the box app for Rosbot 2.0 Pro

I have just bought a Rosbot 2.0 pro. I am a little surprised at how basic the WebGUI demo app that they offer is. I know this is a research and programming platform, but I imagined there would be a basic app that demonstrates the core capability of ROS on this vehicle.

I imagined there would be a public (or private) project to demonstrate a basic capability - like:

  • GUI application you can run on a browser/tablet.
  • Create a map, manually drive around an area to discover.
  • Define a few positions/position/pose in the map. (Drive to then create)
  • Save the Map and the positions
  • Set a task or mission to go to a taught point.

I am sure there is more you could do from here, but this base capability in a GUI app would allow the demonstration of any vehicles ability to navigate around. It also seems like a fairly basic system to develop - for an experienced ROS programmer (Which I am certainly not - and probably never will ever be…) It seems like the WebGUI system would be a good place to start … just add a few extra functions.

Does anyone have - or can point me to - such a project?



Hi Barry,

I understand your request for onboard software.
Even if Husarion, the company after ROSbot, does not provide that software, they have a pretty good series of tutorials on its webpage.

Additionally, they have started to translate that material into rosjects, so you can execute the code on the web with a click, testing in simulation, and then transfer to the real robot. One example here.

For your information, the CEO of Husarion, @donowak, he will be showing at the ROS Developers Conference next week, how to use ROSbot to search for an object in an unknown environment. He will provide full code and documentation about how to do it.

About projects using ROSbot:

  1. How to make ROSbot patrol an area: create a simple navigation behavior: the patrol behavior. This behavior is about making the robot move along an area in a closed loop that repeats at infinitum. This behavior can be useful for detecting intruders, cleaning spaces or looking for out of stocks
  2. RL Training different robots on the same task using openai_ros: Shows how to train a Turtlebot and a ROSbot on the same Reinforcement Learning task
  3. How to use a trained DQNN in a ROSbot: Notebook, code and simulations for the Live Class about how to use an already trained DQNN neural network in your robot

I hope this helps!