April 2023 Maritime WG Meeting

Hi everyone! Here it is our Agenda for the April WG meeting:

Time: 2023-04-04T15:00:00Z2023-04-04T16:00:00Z

Google Meet joining info
Video call link: meet.google.com/jks-xjfk-pxm


For now these are the only topics for discussion. If there are any suggestions, please comment below. The meeting is not on ROS Events for some reason, I’m going to check why is that.

Contributions to minutes can be made here

ROS2 MRWG - Minutes

Scheduled Time:
2023 april 4 15:00 GMT

Meeting Link:

Meeting Opened:
~ 2023 april 4 15:07 GMT

Minutes Taken By:
Bart Boogmans


Arjo Chakravarty

Bart Boogmans

Yuri Oliveira

Previous Minutes

Minutes from Mar 2023 meeting by mabelzhang · Pull Request #8 · ros-maritime/community · GitHub

Previous Action Points

  • Administrative: call for volunteers update
  • Action items from ROSCon 2022 Maritime Birds of a Feather update

General Business

Since attendance was low we decided to just go through the kanban and keep it short

Review kanban

On marine specific message standardization:

  • The prototype messages do not seem to be commonly used (Arjo)
  • apl-ocean-engineering’s hydrographic_msgs repo is being used more frequently.
  • It was considered to keep using their repo as they seem to maintain it.

Promotion & Communication

It was considered to check out discord for promoting these meetings (and perhaps have them there?)

Arjo suggested considering to have less frequent meetings. We will consider options during the next meeting of winding down or not.

Action Items

  • Yuri will do another post for looking for volunteers for the meetings

Relevant Links

Next Meeting:
~ 1 month from now. Exact time to be announced.

Video Link:

Chat Transcript:
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