Maritime Working Group Meeting Sep 2023

The Maritime Working Group is resuming monthly meetings after a break. The previous WG meeting was in April.

When: 2023-09-19T15:00:00Z2023-09-19T16:00:00Z
Where: Virtual at
Calendar event: Google Calendar
Agenda: ROS Maritime Working Group meeting agenda - Google Docs

There are quite a few exciting updates and releases from the community (see agenda) since the last meeting. If you have community updates and announcements, please add them to the agenda using Google Docs’ Suggest mode.

This new agenda format is modeled after the Gazebo Community Meetings, where agenda and minutes are in the same place. This reduces the amount of bookkeeping required of the organizers and volunteers. We’ll aim to take notes during the meetings.

We’ll summarize the status of the working group for new attendees and maybe do a new round of intros if the number of attendees warrants it.

We’re looking for community feedback of what has worked previously and what you’d like to see improved - feel free to let us know before the meeting too here or on Matrix chat.

As of now, the WG meetings are run by two people at the Open Robotics team at Intrinsic, but Community WGs should be for the community, by the community, and this WG needs stable community organizers who are enthusiastic to keep meetings going in the long run, help with community outreach, etc. Let us know if you’re potentially interested.

Quick links to resources for the WG:
GitHub community
Matrix chat
Google Group (only used for meeting calendar invites)

See you there.

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Thanks everyone old and new for coming! Great interactions and inputs.

Minutes in Agenda
Video recording, auto-generated transcript, and chat record on Google Drive

You can reach people right here or on Matrix chat.