Maritime Working Group July Meeting

Hi all, we will be holding our next maritime working group meeting on 2022-07-05T15:00:00Z2022-07-05T16:00:00Z

We will be hosting the meeting here:

Agenda for meeting on 5th July 2022, 0800 PST

  • Action items to follow up from previous meeting [10 min]:
    • Mabel Zhang to start thinking about ROSCON
    • ALL to review charter by 10/06/2022 for merge. - Merged
    • ALL to review Kanban board and raise any additional items

Community Proposed discussion points:

  • Added mass directly in SDFormat support. [Louise 25min]
  • Message standards and AUVSI interface [Nathan Edwards 25min]

If you’d like to add to this list feel free to comment here or on the agenda document.

Minutes from the previous meeting can be found here.

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Re action item 1 -
I have some ideas about ROSCon 2022 Maritime BoF. I’ll informally discuss them at the meeting and take inputs. If we converge to a format we like, I’ll write up a brief plan in a Doc for feedback.

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This might be of interest to other people,
I have a ros2 port of an rov dataset here
this is a port of dataset shared from cirs
I would be glad to transfer the repo to the appropriate org for future maintenance.


ROS2 MRWG - Minutes 6th July 2022

Scheduled Time: 0800 PST (GMT-08:00), 6th July 2022

Meeting Link:

Meeting Opened: 0805 PST (GMT-08:00), 6th July 2022

Minutes Taken By: Nathan Edwards


Aasheesh Randeo, Arjo Chakravarty, B. Abraham, Denis Stogl, Gustavo Rezende, John Naglak, Louise Poubel, Mabel Zhang, mikdef, Sina Aghli, Till Koch, Vatan Aksoy Tezer, Wai Yen Chan, Yuri Oliveira, Joao Britto, Nathan Edwards.

Previous Minutes

Previous Action Points

  • MZ to start thinking about ROSCON
  • ALL to review charter by 10/06/2022 for merge
  • ALL to review Kanban board and raise any additional items

General Business


  • Coffee hour, last year was online
  • Need to find a slot
  • Format can be a group chat, or a presentation format. Breakout discussions if we’re in person?
  • Do we need to look at a hybrid setup?
  • Record the discussions as community action items

Added Mass SDFormat - Louise

  • AC Maritime Simulation for Gazebo
  • Proposal for native support for added mass in Gazebo Garden. Feedback can be given here.
  • Currently implemented through plugins, but always computes during the physical timesteps which leads to lag
  • LP is looking for feedback by about July 20 due to Gazebo cutoff.
  • Sina Aghli - questioning whether this providing drag capabilities. LP noted that is simply adding mass. This is an acceleration dependent term.
  • SA: requesting whether there’s any reading material, LP noted there’s some in the PR - Fossen, T.I and Newman, J.N.

Standard Messaging Interfaces - NE

  • Proposal for a focus group to generate a standard messaging interface repo for AUV and USVs
  • Presentation
  • Discussion around UMAA standard interfaces and leveraging existing interfaces (hydrographic_msgs)
  • Agreed that it needs to be accessible (debian installs)
  • Element Room -

ROS2 Control - DS

  • Control integration with Gazebo
  • Is it possible to connect ROS2 Control plugin with an ROV plugin with gazebo
  • Does the ros message interfaces provide a potential solution
  • LP recommends using the ROS ignition bridge

Action Items

  • WG to provide feedback to LP. Feedback can be given here:
  • WG to join Standard Interface focus group if interested
  • Standard Interface Architecture to be presented next meeting

Relevant Links

Next Meeting: 12th August 2022, 0800 PST (note not the first Tuesday of the month)

Video Link: ROS_MRWG_20220607.mkv

Chat Transcript:

Yuri Oliveira 01:14
I have a question. I got late so I dunno if it was said. This is the birds of feather which would be October 22 right?

Mabel Zhang 01:15
@Yuri: The date will be some time during ROSCon, we have to see the program (not yet published) to pick a good time slot that doesn't conflict with talks that could be of interest to maritime, so that people don't have conflicts
@Yuri: Oct 19-21 are the ROSCon dates

Yuri Oliveira 01:16
Ok. Thank you!

Yuri Oliveira 01:29
6x6 added mass natively on Gazebo, that is awesome!

Vatan Aksoy Tezer 01:31
Also Handbook of Marine Craft Hydrodynamics and Motion Control is pretty good by Fossen

mikedef 01:43
I'm interested in DDS interfaces, but more applied towards ASV ops. Would be willing to help with this if time allows. Sorry in an loud office so hard to turn the mic on.

Arjo Chakravarty 01:44

Meeting recording is now on Vimeo.

If you record the meeting and send me a link to it on DropBox / Google Drive I am happy to upload it to the official Vimeo account.

Too easy, Arjo was on it but shall send direct in the future.

As promised, I’ve put down in writing the tentative plan for the ROSCon Maritime Birds of a Feather (BoF).

I am asking the Maritime WG community to review the plan and make suggestions. If you attend any of the WG meetings, you are a part of the community.

In particular, I need feedback on these:

  • Do people want physical-only, or hybrid? If hybrid, I need volunteers to help administer the virtual portion (see document), manage breakout rooms, troubleshoot the connection, record the session, etc. Please sign up by commenting in the document, or ping me in the WG Matrix chat
  • Please give feedback on the breakout tables. Feel free to add a page for a new breakout table. We will adjust / combine if there gets to be too many.
  • Please add bullet points for discussion topics at each breakout table

Thank you!