Maritime WG Meeting - June 7th 2022

So we are back with the maritime working group meetings. The working group meeting will be held on google meet here:

Maritime Working Group - June Meeting
June 7, 2022, 11;00pm – June 8, 2022, 12:00am (GMT +8) 2022-06-07T15:00:00Z2022-06-07T16:00:00Z
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 617-675-4444‬ PIN: ‪267 240 215 4207‬#
More phone numbers:

Based on feedback from the last few sessions we are moving away from the presentation based format to a more interactive format. This time our focus will be on our processes and some of the on going work of our members. The agenda is as follows:
Tuesday Jun 7, 2022 8am PT

  • Processes Discussion [25min]
    • Charter
    • Packages or Upstream stuff
  • Kanban Board [Arjo]
    • Whats high and low priority?
    • Adding to the kanban board
  • ROSCON BoF [Arjo]
    • Organizing “committee”
    • Talks
  • Thruster manager [Matosinho]

Add other topics for discussion using comments below:
If you’d like to discuss anything, feel free to comment on the agenda document: Maritime Working Group Agenda - June Meeting - Google Docs


Hi, I would like to shortly show our work on realizing ROV control with ros2_control framwork. (Hope to give detailed talk on this on ROSCon). Most of the work will be mainlained into ros2_control and ros2_controllers repositories.


This sounds awesome. Is this using a real vehicle or a simulator (or both)? Which simulator are you using? @Matosinho keeps talking about thruster allocation. You can add your info to the agenda to document I linked as a comment.

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We are using real hardware and hardware-specific simulator (and Mock System - Simulation in ros2_control).

@arjo129 I have send you a private message about integrating Ignition‘s plugin with ros2_control plugin for simple simulation. The goal would be tohave simulation with the same control stack as for the real hardware (the same approach we have for manipulators.

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Do you have a repo or something that you can share about it?

Here is the google groups where we be posting about the meetings:

If you wanna get reminded every month about it, join it!

I have a question which I’ll ask in the meeting but before then I thought I’ll also bring it up here!
I’m looking into possible options for a state estimation pipeline that can consume measurements from an underwater ROV, sensors like IMU,DVL, pressure altimeter and generate a continious high frequency state estimate. And hopefully has an ROV process model or has an interface to accept one.
I have looked into robot_localization but that seems to be tailored toward ground vehicles mostly.
Does anyone knows any other ros packages that might be a better fit and hopefully is actively maintained?

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@arjo129 why is the event entered as full-day in the ROS Events calendar? Can you please entercorrect time to be properly shown in calendars?

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Thanks everyone for dialling in last night.

Minutes: ROS_MRWG_Minutes_20220607

Recording: ROS_MRWG_Recording_20220607

Next Meeting: 0800, 5th July 2022 PST 2022-07-05T15:00:00Z2022-07-05T16:00:00Z


@natrad100 Can I suggest posting the minutes as a post here in markdown instead of linking to the PDF on google drive. A PDF on google drive will not appear in a search (even Google’s) and Drive links are prone to becoming invalid over time, when people have to clean out their storage, change email accounts etc.

@tfoote Minutes are stored in the ROS MRWG Community Repo.
As per your request see bellow:

ROS2 MRWG - Minutes 7th July 2022

Scheduled Time: 0800 PST (GMT-08:00), 7th June 2022

Meeting Link:

Meeting Opened: 0805 PST (GMT-08:00), 7th June 2022

Minutes Taken By: Nathan Edwards


+1 617 *** **44, Arjo Chakravarty, B Abraham, Denis Stogl, Gustavo Silva, Isaac Vandor, Laura Lindzey, Louise Poubel, Mabel Zhang, Olivier Kermorgant, Roland Arsenault, Shunong Wu, Sina Aghli, Wai Yen Chan, Yuri de Matos, Nathan Edwards

Previous Minutes

  • None Available

Previous Action Points

  • Nill / Discussed in GB

General Business


  • AC: Charter to finalised by the end of the week, can all please provide any additional changes / feedback on the PR - #1
    • No additional feature to be added

Focus Items

  • LL: AUV Standard Interfaces
    • LL: standard interfaces started with acoustics
    • If there other messages we would like to include, we need to make a issue / PR apl-ocean-engineering/hydrographic_msgs
    • ROS1 → ROS2 migration for tooling, recommended to be a separate repo
    • AC: Packaging up tooling
    • RA: RVIZ Plugin is still in alpha
    • MZ: repository needs to be somewhere that is maintained
    • AC: Need to come up with some maintainer
  • AC: Focus on setting up the infrastructure
  • Awesome-maritime-robotics to become a repository container useful repositories that we are working on
  • LP: to present added mass SDFormat next meeting. This allows native use within ignition. This removes the need for the requirement for a plugin. PR - gazebosim/gz-sim#1462
    • Here’s the PR for the added mass proposal, don’t mind the broken Latex on the preview. Early feedback is highly appreciated, thanks! gazebosim/sdf_tutorials#76
    • MZ propose an in-person format for networking with a virtual backup.
    • ALL in favour for MZ to start thinking about ROSCON
  • YO Thruster allocation from URDF/SDF - ros-maritime/issue_tracking#9
  • DS: ROS2 Control
    • ROV control architecture was presented.
    • Planning to open source some of the code and some of the data
      • Drivers may not be, including thruster manager
      • OpenSource strategy is being discussed
    • Requesting any feedback on this system
  • SA Asked if anyone had a UKF state estimated that takes in ROV sensor suites
    • Robot Localisation Pipeline, biassed towards ground vehicles
    • YO noted that he found a c++ package that can do this, but needs to be packaged up in ROS.
    • Issue needs to be updated, SA to update issue.
  • AC everyone to come back to the group, and have a point of interest to work on.
  • ALL agreed to merge in the charter by the end of the week.

Action Items

  • MZ to start thinking about ROSCON
  • ALL to review charter by 10/06/2022 for merge
  • ALL to review Kanban board and raise any additional items

Relevant Links

Next Meeting: 5th July 2022, 0800 PST

Video Link: ROS_MRWG_20220607.mkv

Chat Transcript: None