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Arduino Braccio Arm Pick+Drop Simulation Environment in Gazebo

Hello again,
I’ve been experimenting with the Arduino Braccio arm and as I’ve been working I noticed I couldn’t find a good repo with Gazebo simulation for that robot. So I tried gathering the things for working with a Braccio URDF using MoveIt and Gazebo into this package:

It works with one wrapper launch script that loads URDF, moveit config and Gazebo world. Then I also added a python command line interface to control the pick+drop routines.


I figured since the Braccio is (somewhat) affordable, this could makea good entry way for school robotics team projects. If anybody else is interested in working with this package feel free to reach out and I can help make improvements. I’ve filed a few issues for things I don’t understand (but somehow magically got working by guessing).

I also wrote a little post on evaluation of performance and explaining the 2D solver I wrote because the arm is only 5 DOF.

Thanks again for making ROS, MoveIt, and Gazebo and doing it open source. I have much respect for keeping such an expansive suite of projects running so smoothly.

I’ve now set it up to run simultaneously with the real arm. It almost works but there are still a few kinks that need to be worked out.