Pick & Place in Gazebo with Nav2 and Moveit2

Dear ROS2 Community,

I am pleased to introduce a project I have developed: a Pick-n-Place simulation utilizing ROS2 Humble and Gazebo Classic.

Key features include:

  • Integration of the TurtleBot3 Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) driven by Nav2 stack.
  • The inclusion of two UR5 robotic arms driven by Moveit2.
  • Complete namespace separation for each robot.

Leveraging the capabilities of the Nav2 and MoveIt2 stacks, this simulation serves as a testament to multi-robot coordination within a controlled, simulated environment.

For those advancing their knowledge in ROS2 or seeking insights into constructing a multi-robot simulation, I believe this repository will prove invaluable.

Explore the Repository

ros2 gazebo robotics simulation


Nice. We need more demos (with source code) around here.


+1, good composition. Thanks for contributing it back.


Awsome project but the repo is not working!

If there is an issue please file an issue on the repository itself. We also kindly ask that you provide more context than, “it isn’t working.” If there is a bug / issue the authors need some context to understand how it isn’t working (e.g. a stack trace). If the repository isn’t working for you you need to use the ROS Discord or Robotics Stack Exchange.

By “not working” - I think they meant “the repo is gone - GitHub returns a 404” (at least, that’s what I see) - so there isn’t actually anywhere to file a ticket…


The PicknPlace demo has been recently relocated to the Intel Robotics SDK. The GitHub link has been updated to reflect this change. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.