Pick & Place in Gazebo with Nav2 and Moveit2

Dear ROS2 Community,

I am pleased to introduce a project I have developed: a Pick-n-Place simulation utilizing ROS2 Humble and Gazebo Classic.

Key features include:

  • Integration of the TurtleBot3 Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) driven by Nav2 stack.
  • The inclusion of two UR5 robotic arms driven by Moveit2.
  • Complete namespace separation for each robot.

Leveraging the capabilities of the Nav2 and MoveIt2 stacks, this simulation serves as a testament to multi-robot coordination within a controlled, simulated environment.

For those advancing their knowledge in ROS2 or seeking insights into constructing a multi-robot simulation, I believe this repository will prove invaluable.

Explore the Repository

ros2 gazebo robotics simulation


Nice. We need more demos (with source code) around here.


+1, good composition. Thanks for contributing it back.