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Azure Kinect ROS sensor driver is now available

Hi everyone,

I’m here to announce that we’ve just released a ROS node to add compatibility for the new Azure Kinect Developer Kit (

This node provides compatibility with ROS Melodic Morenia on both Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10. It provides access to a number of sensor streams from the Azure Kinect, including:

  • Raw infrared, color, and depth Images
  • Registered depth and color Images
  • A PointCloud2, optionally colored using the color camera
  • An IMU stream
  • Factory-captured intrinsic and extrinsic calibration data for the color and depth cameras, as well as the IMU

The source code for the node is available here:

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!


That looks super cool! Are there any plans to share some bag files created with this sensor? Would love to see it in action!

I don’t have plans to release any bag files at the moment: releasing recorded camera data is a bit tricky. However, we have published some sample recordings in the native Azure Kinect recording format (mkv). It would be possible to add Azure Kinect mkv playback to the ROS node so that it can play Azure Kinect recordings into ROS.

You can find the example recordings here:

And information on the playback API can be found here:

Is that a technical limitation, or a legal one?

@gavanderhoorn The tricky part is due to the group policy on videos. My team will be working with the Kinect in a different environment next week and will capture rosbags and video.

Ok, clear. Thanks Lou.

Looking forward to those bags.