Call for a co-maintainer of rosbag2

Hi all,

We are looking for someone to become a co-maintainer of the rosbag2 framework along with Michael Orlov who has been tackling this burden alone. The frequency of PRs is high enough that there needs to be at least one more expert available to provide feedback. This in turn will increase the merging frequency, meaning the record/replay system continues to get better even faster!

The rosbag2 framework in the ROS 2 world is responsible for data recording and replay. This is a pretty large and modular component that consists of 16 internal packages and 4 vendor packages. The majority of the code is written in C++ 11-17. However, we have a thin Python wrapper above C++ API and we are using Python for parsing CLI parameters.

Some minimum qualifications for maintainers include:

  • Willingness to make rosbag2 better and the life of the ROS 2 users easier
  • Time to triage issues, review PRs, and create bug fixes
  • Good knowledge of C++, at least C++11
  • Passion for writing good quality and supportable code as well as deterministic unit tests
  • Bonus: Experience in development of a data recording and replay system

Those who are interested can message me privately through Discourse.

Even if you have just a few hours a week we can make it work!

Great to get into the Ros.

It is difficult to make too large an effort, but I hope to contribute by code reviews, issue organization, etc.
My github account is hakuturu583 (Masaya Kataoka) · GitHub