Chaining Controller Demo ROS2


I was working on Chaining Controllers and I’m able to create both the Chaining Controller and the controller at upper level. I’m confused on how to connect these two controllers.

Is there a demonstration available for that? Or any resource which explains how to make chaining controllers work?

There was a demo started here but not finished, unfortunately. I would be happy if somebody picked it up to finish :slight_smile:

Hi Andy,
Thank you for help! I’ll see if I get time to pick it up.

After a deep dive into the controller manager I realised how they are getting loaded up. I have created a demo for that which I’ll be publishing on github today. (Nothing Official though, just for reference for people who are stuck on its implementation)

Here is the demo repo: GitHub - ChiratheRobotics/chaining_demo: Repository to create a barebone package to demonstrate the working of Chaining Controller in ros2_control

i think you should open a PR to get that merged someplace official, either in ros2_controllers or ros2_control_demos

I’m not sure where I can place this demo to be honest. I think it should be well-suited in ros2_control_demos. Still slightly unsure though…

Hi @Keshav_Kapur,

yes, please add it into ros2_control_demos. But make sure that we are using the standard controller from ros2_controllers repository there – so that we are sure that the code will be up-to-date in the future, and it is easy to use for everybody.

Hey @destogl,
Sure! I’ll add it to the ros2_control_demos repository as soon as I get some time. Also, using a standard controller seems like a good idea.

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