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Docker images available for embedded development: micro-ROS and Micro XRCE-DDS

For micro-ROS Galactic and Foxy, find in the micro-ROS repository the NEW pre-installed Docker images. From the NEW Quick start section, users can start downloading micro-ROS Galactic and/or Foxy and use it straight away.

The Docker images contain an installed and ready-to-use micro-ROS workspace with a micro-ROS Agent and some micro-ROS client examples built for Linux and UDPv4 transport. You will find more detailed information about docker importing, running and examples in the corresponding docker folders here.

Micro XRCE-DDS, the middleware of micro-ROS framework Docker image is also available. Access the download section through the documentation webpage to use the pre-installed docker image Micro XRCE-DDS 2.0.0. It contains an installed and ready-to-use Micro XRCE-DDS Suite: set of Micro XRCE-DDS Clients examples built for Linux and UDPv4 transport and a Micro XRCE-DDS Agent.

One of the biggest advantages to a Docker-based architecture is actually standardization. Docker provides repeatable development, build, test, and production environments. This reduces the amount of time wasted on defects and increases the amount of time available for feature development.

More dockers will be available very soon!