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Hi Everyone.

We are very excited to share and announce our map management web-based application in ROS world. MotivEdge.io.

Edit, share, and access all maps in one site. Simple UI to help you create mark points, paths, and blocks on the maps. Our APIs, SDK, and ROS package will help you to get maps for your app and robotics in the simplest way.

The demo video will help you to know us within 1 minute. More details are in our doc.

We love open source as well. SDK and ROS packages are open to being used by everyone. github page.

Any comments are welcome. We would like to improve it and make it better.
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This is a cool tool, as far as I can tell.

You do realize that the portal asks people to sign up without telling them what they are signing up for, right? In my experience, you never want to assume that your customer understands your product.

Thanks Katherine. Appreciate!

You are 100% right. It was bad marketing to ask people to check the login page instead of introducing what we are doing or showing our site.

I have updated the topic with a better intro.

Again. Thank you and your comments.
Please do not hesitate if you think of anything we could improve. We would like to make it better and simpler.

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