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Hadabot: Implement, debug differential drive odometry on ROS2 using VSCode running in a web browser

Hi All,

Read the new Hadabot post where we implement and debug differential drive ROS 2 odometry code using VSCode running in web browser.

For those unfamiliar with my Hadabot effort - Hadabot is a robot kit to learn ROS 2 and robotics. It’s meant for software engineers who never had formal robotics training yet want to learn robotics concepts through learning and building.

My goal is to make a robot kit that is economical, easy to build, easy to set up, and emphasizes a web-browser interface to ensure a consistent user experience.

I am a week or so away from having the ducks lined up to sell a beta-version Hadabot kit. So if you’re willing to bushwhack through some kinks to get a Hadabot up and running, sign up to stay in touch (from our blog or main website) and I will let you know when we launch!

As usual, love to hear feedback, suggestions, encouragements (discouragements).

Thanks and happy building!
Jack “the Hadabot Maker”