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Galactic Geochelone Logo and Tshirts

Galactic Geochelone Logo and Tshirts

With each release of ROS we have a tradition of having a logo and making t-shirts. This year we’re celebrating the release of Galactic Geochelone

To let you show your ROS colors and support this tradition, we have setup a Teespring storefront which should be able to ship worldwide.


Ordering will be open until Jun 24, 2021

And as this is also the first reveal of the logo here it is for your viewing pleasure.

We’re looking forward to the Galactic release on World Turtle Day! Than you to everyone who has contributed to making these releases possible!

And for a little bit of fun we have an animated gif GalacticAnimation

And for your viewing pleasure the gif enlarged.


Wait… but the turtle isn’t moving when I press my arrow keys.
How am I supposed to collect fruits in the bonus round now?


The gifs are great, but they don’t really look great as a Slack emoji, would it be too much to ask for an animated emoji version?

The gif was never meant to be slack ready. Maybe next time. Perhaps the icon should work better?


I added galactic, galactic_anim, and galactic_2 to the Discourse emoji.
e.g. :galactic:, :galactic_anim:, :galactic_2:


The store shows different shades of blue for different shaped t-shirts (tribland/woman/classic)

Is that correct?

Yes. That is correct. Not all colors are available in fits and sizes.

This is the best design (maybe along with Lunar)! We need more space-y ROS stuff!

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If you’d like to order posters they are also now available on Zazzle on both paper as well as wrapped canvas.

Through Zazzle we make available the full complement of ROS release artwork back to CTurtle.


Amazing. Thanks for the t-shirts again. In the Baby Premium Onsie, I have seen that only size L is available, is it possible to have sizes S and M too?.

Few of us here are fathers, we want our kids to have the collection of ROS2 t-shirts. It would be great, if you can arrange different sizes for Onsie’s.

Let us know.

Thank you,

Unfortunately we don’t have control of the size availability. It’s whatever they have in their production facilities.

Looking at the availability of the Onsies in the different production centers, it appears that the EU production center only has L available so I assume that you’re looking at that production facility. It looks like there’s availability from their International production center. You can try selecting it at the bottom Screenshot from 2021-05-25 09-25-52 or click here I think the shipping will be slightly higher and slower but hopefully that can get you access to the other sizes.

The production center accessible from Japan has several sizes available for onesies.

Thanks @Katherine_Scott <3 this works!

As a reminder the t-shirts will be available for just another 9 days. Make sure to place your orders before the campaign ends.

Hello, how can I buy this T-Shirt?
When I click on the page I visualize this :