ROS 2 Tutorial on transformation

Hi there!

If you’re looking for some learning resources to gain hands-on practice with ROS 2 for mobile robotics, we have just published a new ROS 2 tutorial, focusing on the topic of transformation.


In the tutorial, you can learn how to:

  • Perform transformations using the tf2 package
  • Visualize them in TF_Echo, TF_Tree and rviz
  • Simulate the mutual position of moving objects thanks to broadcasting and listening to transformation information.

This tutorial is part of the complete ROS 2 tutorial series, covering topics ranging from the basics of ROS 2 to kinematics, visualization, OpenCV tracking, and connecting robots over the Internet. The tutorials provide both theoretical explanations and practical examples that you can deploy on a physical ROSbot or in simulation. If you find the tutorials helpful, be sure to stay tuned for new tutorials on SLAM and navigation coming in two weeks!