Head of Robotics Software (co-founding member) - MN

Searching for a candidate to become a co-founding member of an early stage hardware startup in Minneapolis, MN with opportunity for early-stage equity. The startup is focused on delivering a robot product that truly solves many problems that faces B2BB2C markets. it’s a 4th generation robot with unique technologies that makes it stand out from any robot product on the market.
The company is in stealth mode.
Candidate does not have to bear any managerial or co-founding responsibilities if they choose not to.
Candidate’s work and direction will contribute into shaping the robot’s final framework for ROS, operational subsystems and product as a whole


Candidate is responsible for developing and establishing the basis for ROS framework around prototype CAD models and building a complete environment around it, which includes simulation with RViz, MoveIt and Gazebo.
Candidate will work on machine vision, perception, path planning, motion planning for real-time applications using AI/ML models.
Candidate will also work with a multiple hardware systems like actuators, sensors, embedded systems and others.


Advanced experience in ROS and related modules.
Experienced in robotics designing with at least 1 robot development/build to showcase.
Solid understanding of AI/ML, robot kinematics, Non-linear optimization and linear algebra.
Experienced with C++ & Python.
Experience with machine vision and perception.
Experienced with SolidWorks or equivalent.
Experience with DC actuators, sensors and embedded systems.
Experience with rapid prototyping is a plus.
Candidate located in Minneapolis, MN is a plus but not required.

Hi there! I am a moderator. We would really appreciate it if your post included the following:

  • The company name.
  • More information about the company.
  • The contact information for the person that is hiring the candidate.

Hi Katherine,
Thank you so much for your feedback, I still don’t have a name for the startup yet. As for information about the startup I already stated the place of it which is in Minneapolis, MN, product is a robot for B2BB2C markets, early-stage startup. It’s complicated to give out more info because I’m trying to keep it in stealth mode, so I’m sure you understand.
I always send my personal email to candidates so we can get in touch and I can share more about myself to them.
Please let me know if you have any more questions.
Thank you again!
Best regards

Hi, I’m interested in this project. Can we discuss please?

I am not reaching out as an individual, but rather, as an startup company. We might be able to help you with your prototype/MVP. We are a san diego based startup company. Let me know if you wanna hear more.