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[Hot take] Lightning talks selected for ROS World 2020

Judging by the lightning talks that were selected, is this a conference for investors or developers of ROS projects?


Sponsor videos are mixed in as this allowed us to have a dozen more community videos. Some of the sponsors sent in a lightning talk and a sponsor talk (we tried to use those where possible). Also the first lightning talk session is sponsor heavy. :woman_shrugging:

We want to hear your opinions on it, but watch the whole thing first.


Unfortunately, I missed some technical talks. Will the videos be available afterwards?


They are already available on the OSRF Vimeo account actually:

The lightning talks are there, but the technical sessions not yet. They just said they would be up there before the weekend.

Yes, sorry, the OP was talking about Lightning talks and I misread your question.

“OSRF” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Haha! I know but it is the name of the Vimeo account :wink:


Yeah, unfortunately I also got the impression that the lightning talks were more like TV advertisement this year :frowning: Did I miss some marking of the sponsor videos? Here in Europe, all advertisement has to be clearly marked as such… It would really help me to be able to distinguish which lightning talks were “from enthusiasts” and which were from sponsors…

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I have a pretty good idea which were advertisements…

Although our lightning talk wasn’t in the main program, it was tweeted out.

From the perspective of both an enthusiast and someone working on commercial projects we had to find a balance. We want to show off our cool projects, but they are under NDA, so we focused on our cool hardware implementations backing our cool projects. In the end, I think of ours more as a “hey we are a company who loves ROS and doing things with it”