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🌩 ROS World 2021: Call for Lightning Talk Videos

ROS World 2021 Lightning Talk Videos

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Hi All,

Lightning talks are one of the most anticipated parts of any conference and they are a great way to get your new package, robot, research, development process, or idea in front of a larger audience. We’re hoping to replicate the ROSCon lighting talks at ROS World again this year (and no, we’re not going to mix them in with commercials again :wink: ). Our approach for this year is to allow the community to submit short videos that we use during ROS World. We plan to take approximately the best two dozen or so videos and mash them up into a super cut that will play in between ROS World sessions.

We’re looking for all sorts of videos from the ROS community, and as such we’re open to videos related to any ROS topic you deem appropriate. Got a cool new robot? That’s worth a video. Have a great package that could use a few more maintainers? That’s worth a video. Want to ramble about your software pet-peeve for ninety seconds? Be our guest. Anything goes.

We’re pivoting really quickly between ROSCon and ROS World this year; as such lightning talks are going to come down to the wire. I want to give the following guidance about submitting your videos this year:

General Guidance

  • The videos will be reviewed by a team of reviewers from the ROS community.
  • We do not collect reviewer feedback and we WILL NOT be able to give you feedback on why your video was not selected.
  • Due to time constraints we will not be able to notify you if your video is selected or not.
  • We will automatically reject your video if it does not meet our requirements (i.e. too long, wrong format, etc).
  • We may use your video content in future projects. By submitting your video you consent to this usage.
  • Due to the volume of videos we receive we are not able to replace or modify your video once it has been submitted.

Content Guidance

  • Due to time constraints we are not able to answer your questions or workshop your video’s content. Please use your best judgement.
  • Keep it pithy. The shorter the videos the more videos we can feature. I can’t stress this enough.
  • Use your video to grab the audience’s attention and then tell them where they can find more information.
  • Keep it real. We want to see real ROS users solving real problems. We want to see working robots, exciting demos, and informative tirades as much as possible.
  • Have fun and make it fun. ROS World is a long day and audience fatigue is real.
  • Recording narration over a handful of slides is perfectly fine! Just keep it interesting, short, and informative.THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS AND NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Last year my guidance to the reviewers was to show preference to, “real robots solving real problems.” My guidance to the reviewers this year is to show preference to “short, smart, & awesome” videos
  • Lightning talks are not a platform for free advertising. Please do not submit your existing marketing video.

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We’re still finalizing the details but the parameters for a video submission are as follows:

  • Immediately related to ROS and the ROS community
  • Less than 120 seconds – keep it pithy
  • Format: MP4
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080p (full HD) preferred, minimum 1280 x 720 p
  • File size: 500MB - 1GB. Files should not exceed 1GB.
  • Audio: Stereo is preferred, mono is acceptable
  • Please use a consistent file name of <contact_name>_.mp4
  • The videos don’t need to be overly produced but they should be short, clear, and to the point.
  • Our event coordinator has put together 20ROSWorld_VideoReelTips.pdf (153.9 KB)
    We’re still finalizing the process and due dates for video submissions but our preliminary due date for videos is in TWO WEEKS: 2021-09-30T06:59:00Z. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS AND NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Videos can be submitted through this Google form.


By the way, I need a few more people (~5) to help me review videos. We’ll need to turn things around really quick this year (~48-72 hours) towards the end of the month. If you are interested in volunteering please DM me.

I have enough reviewers now! Thanks everyone!