I have back-ported Regulated Pure Pursuit Controller from Nav2 to ROS1

This is a ROS1 port of the ROS2 Local Planner plugin. They are mostly the same, however the source code may differ due to the lack of similar API/functions within ROS1. Of course, that being said, we should all prepare to move to ROS2, yet a significant proportion of existing robots still utilise the ROS1 ecosystem, and since there is a lack of good pure pursuit planners out there, this port could prove to be a viable local planner replacement.

In no way did I write the original algorithm/source code, this originally developed by Shrijit Singh and Steve Macenski while at Samsung Research as part of the Nav2 working group.

For those who are still on ROS1, do check out the repo for the back-ported Regulated Pure Pursuit Controller, and let me know your thoughts!


Less and less every month :wink:


Iā€™m giving ROS1 users a taste of ROS2, and hopefully this will encourage more people to switch over!

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